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about me

I have worked in the Professionals Program at the Institute of Living for 20 years, where I have treated individuals, couples and groups, with a special focus on coping with depression and anxiety, while managing demanding jobs and high self-expectations. I also have supervised psychology interns as part of their doctoral training, and continue to supervise psychiatry residents in family therapy. I have a small private practice, in addition to my work in the Professionals Program.

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I completed a degree in clinical social work from Smith College, which sought to integrate a psychodynamic orientation with a commitment to social justice. Over the years, I have also received training in CBT, DBT and ACT, as well as EFT with couples.

Prior to receiving my degree in social work, I completed a doctorate in Philosophy from Yale University, with a focus on philosophy of emotion and philosophy of mind. My years of studying and teaching philosophical accounts of the self and meaning in life, have deepened my approach to psychotherapy.

I have taught courses at Yale, Williams College and Trinity College. Over the years I have presented papers at professional conferences on conceptualizing grief, choosing values from a place of self acceptance, a theory of unconditional self-love, and working with the professional.

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